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Friday, December 9, 2011

"21 or younger?"

After having read, “21 is less than 18” by Alex Cheyenne, I have to disagree with the author. Why? Well to be honest I believe that the law was brought up for a reason. How is it possible that it has made matter worse?! Teens tend to drink because most of them are taught from a young age to idolize alcohol. Sure, there have been more and more accidents involving teens and their binge drinking; but that doesn’t mean it’s because of the drinking age.

Teenagers tend to be irresponsible, and never think of the consequences of their actions. Giving them the right to drink at 18 is just plain dumb, if you ask me. This will not only affect our society, but them as well socially, emotionally, and education wise. Although, personally I don’t want them to lower the age it wouldn’t necessarily make a difference because ,kids are still going to go out and drink one way or another. Accidents will occur whether we want them to or not, the important thing is to at least teach these kids the importance of drinking safely. So, we can at least prevent these types of accident to occur.

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